20 Cool things to do when in Nairobi

If you just came to Nairobi, or have been here all your life but can’t seem to find something interesting to do with all the time you have in your hands… worry no more. Nairobi has so much to offer, and we will give you a few reasons to enjoy. Whether you are a tourist who just jumped off a flight, or a conference participant, or maybe even a solo traveler, here are a few brilliant ideas of what to do when in Nairobi.

1. Feel the Ceiling at Giraffe Center

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Ever wondered how tall giraffes really are? These are the perks of being in Africa… and in Nairobi to be specific. At Giraffe center, you will be able to Pet or feed them. Believe it or not, the animals are so graceful that you can feed them from your own mouth!

2. Take a trip down Kenyan history at The National Archives

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In the heart of Nairobi’s central business district lies the National Archives. Other than serving as a major landmark of the city, it also houses photos, books and other written records of Kenya’s rich history. Most importantly, right outside the building is Nairobi’s version of ‘New York’s Times Square’… As here your will find all sorts of people doing everything and nothing.

3. Walk in the wild at Nairobi Safari Walk

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Built on a platform at a safe height from the reach of dangerous animals, take a walk in the wild and see different animals on an exciting 7km walk in the jungle. The experience is very serene, humbling and sometimes quite thrilling when you are lucky to hear the lions roar. Best believe, this is not your ordinary zoo.

4. Buy mementos, souvenirs and curio at the Maasai Market

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Immerse yourself in the Maasai culture by getting yourself beaded accessories and uniquely curved curio items. As a tourist travelling within Kenya, buying a Maasai culture-based souvenir should, and will be one of the things you want to do. There are several Maasai markets all across the city each sunday. However, the most popular one is located at the High Court of Kenya Parking every Sunday.

5. Grab a barbeque at Whistling Thorns

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Located in the outskirts of Nairobi, this serene bundus is an ideal place for a weekend getaway, camping, horse riding or swimming with family. It is a popular spot for Nairobi residents.

6. Go Karting on Lang’ata Road

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Ramp up your adrenaline rush through gusts of speed on a racing track. If your are one of the people that like competition and speed, get all these in one place at Langata’s  Go Carting race track.

7. Ice skating at Panari Sky Center

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Who would have though that there would be a skating rink in East Africa? Panari is only a few minutes from Airport View Hotel, and about 25 minutes from the city center.

8. Visit Kenyan Art Galleries

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A trip to Africa would be considered incomplete if you do not visit at least one of the many art galleries. Get a feel of stunning sculptures and paintings that will mesmerize you.

9. Watch Local Plays & Dances

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If you’re lucky, towards the end of the week, several theatres across the city stage plays, cultural performances and exhibitions. examples include The Sarakasi Dome, Alliance Francois, Kenya National Theatre and Phoenix Players.

10. Visit the Nairobi National Museum

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The National museum has a rich archive of artefacts and stuffed birds and animals from all over Kenya. This gives you an an experience of the sights and sounds of Kenya, all under one expansive roof.

11. Watch local Sport events

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Kenya is a home for world class sports men and women. There is a rich culture and rivalry in foodball and rugby. If you are lucky to be around during a derby weekend, then you’ve hit the jackpot. You may also check out our athletes on home soil during their occasional annual races. on.

12. Visit Mamba Village

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Take a trip to our own Jurassic park and get to see real-life dinosaurs at the ‘Mamba village’  crocodile sanctuary. Experience crocodiels sunbathing and feeding, and go as far as petting the juvenile crocodiles while taking photos.

13. See Nairobi from above at K.I.C.C Rooftop

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Get an eagle’s eye view of the green city in the sun and its ever-changing cityscape. Although the building was previously restricted, it has now been opened to the public for guided tours to the rooftop.

14. Visit The Elephant Orphanage

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The Elephant Orphanage in Lang’ata gives you the rare opportunity to have an uninhibited view the majestic giants – Elephants. You will get to experience firsthand just how devastating poaching is in the world. It also gives you hope, for within all that anarchy, there is a sanctuary for the baby elephants left behind.

15. Maji Magic Aqua park in Karen

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This trip will surely demand a little bit too much of your energy. Similar to American Ninja warrior obstacle course, the expansive lake has floating water features and obstacles with with to have fun. it is ideal for kids and young adults.

16. Visit an Ostrich Farm

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Come face to face with the world’s largest flightless bird in all its majestic glory. The brave few get to ride them, however, be advised that these birds have very high top speeds and you need to hold on tight. Moreover, you may even eat some ostrich meat while you are at it.

17. Visit a real wilderness in the City!

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Get a sight of the Big Five, in the world’s ONLY park that is right in the heart of a major city. Believe it or not, see all the major animals in the wild, undisturbed form, just a few minutes drive from your Airport View Plaza hotel room.

18. See some creepy crawlies at Snake Park

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Come face to face with a large number of  snakes from all across Kenya. The park has a serene arboretum suitable for short walks and picnics too.

19. Get to see a Butterfly farm

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Take a short trip to the butterfly farm and see the beutiful little insects up close. They also have some mementos and souvenirs to take home with you.

20. Enjoy the night life

There’s no party like an Nairobi party! Every day is a party in Nairobi. Actually the 9th wonder of the world is how Nairobi revelers are still able to show up to work the next morning like nothing happened after partying HEAVY on a weekday. The Hub, at Airport view hotel gives you an up close snapshot of the experience, but the best part of the party scene is usually club-hopping.

If you feel like you haven’t found enough of a plan on your next Nairobi outing, come talk to us at Airport View plaza Hotel and we will hook you up.