4 Tips to getting the best place to stay for the night

When you just landed in a new city, finding a good place to stay can be quite challenging. A lot depends on your tastes, budget, destination, but also the way you travel, what kind of comfort you require, how many fellow travelers you bring along and what your interests are.


  • Check the reviews to get an idea of what previous guests thought about their stay. If they’re not verified but have tons of reviews, that’s fine.
  • Send customized requests: show that you are interested in the host, not just in getting a free place to stay the night.
  • Keep in mind the location and transportation system before you book: city centers are usually more expensive (Airport View Plaza Hotel is in the outskirts of the city)
  • Check which meals are included and ask about any extra fees

1. Hostels: For travelers on a budget looking for cheap accommodation options

Hostels are the same as a hotels, but in most cases limited to either males only or females only: it varies from one place to another. Far from being reserved to the young, hostels are open to all ages. Each hostel has its identity, just make sure to check for reviews before booking. Hostels mainly offer dormitories with bunk beds, with between 4 and 10+ beds: usually, the bigger the room, the cheaper the price.

2. Find an AirBnB

These classify in between hostels and hotels. They are Short-term rentals and costs vary greatly but they’re on average the same price as a budget hotel. You usually get a discount if you stay longer than a week. Some offer up to a month’s stay. Check out our AirBnb Listings for villas at the coast.

3. Academic housing

This solution is one of the cheap alternatives to hotels that are not often enough thought of. Many universities around the globe provide their students with free or low-cost accommodation. When comes the time for holidays, these lodgings are left unoccupied: some universities are then willing to rent them to travelers looking for affordable sleep options.

4. Find a local homestay

Local homestays are a great opportunity if you want to learn a foreign language and share a family’s culture and daily life. Provided that you work with them, you can even make some extra bucks. Travelers who need a place to stay for a month for free and who look for a truly immersive experience love this option.